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U.S. Payroll Primer

A comprehensive seminar covering indispensable training and information from workers' status issues to tax withholding, depositing and reporting procedures.

Places disponibles Calgary, AB


Affectations internationales et la paie

Soyez prêt à faire face aux implications des affectations internationales – qu’il s’agisse de Canadiens travaillant à l’étranger, ou de ressortissants étrangers transférés au Canada.

Places disponibles Montreal, QC


Notions fondamentales de la paie 1

Profitez d’une introduction détaillée à la fonction de la paie, conçue à l’intention de ceux et celles qui connaissent peu la paie ou qui débutent dans le domaine, ou des spécialistes qui reviennent à la profession après une absence. Familiarisez-vous avec le rôle clé du spécialiste de la paie et avec les exigences en matière de traitement, de déclaration, de retenues obligatoires et de versements.

Places disponibles La Prairie, QC


Employment Standards

Get a comprehensive, plain-language review of employment standards federally and by jurisdiction to help you stay compliant and avoid litigation. Hands-on exercises cover hours of work, public holidays, paid and unpaid leaves, vacation, termination and records retention.

Places disponibles Toronto, ON


Payroll Accounting: Basic Principles

Practical examples and exercises give you the knowledge and skills required to excel at your payroll accounting responsibilities throughout the accounting cycle, including journal entries, accruals, reversals, reconciliations and more.

Places disponibles Calgary, AB


Learning Payroll I

An introduction to the payroll function designed for new staff with no or limited exposure to payroll, or those returning to payroll after a break. Learn about processing and reporting requirements, and the payroll practitioner's key role in statutory withholding and remittance

Places disponibles Saskatoon, SK


Special Payments & Completing the ROE

Get a comprehensive overview of how to handle any special payment that differs from regular wages – like bonuses and commissions, payments at termination, top-ups and more. You’ll also learn how to correctly complete the Record of Employment (ROE).

Places disponibles Surrey, BC



Minimize termination liability and cost while complying with legislation. This seminar equips you with the tools you need to successfully administer, supervise and oversee a termination of employment – including employment/labour standards, human resources issues, types of payments, retiring allowances and the Record of Employment.

Places disponibles St. John's, NL


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