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Cost Containment in a Time of Crisis - Best Practices for Your Employee Benefit Program - Archived Webinar

You've been asked to cut costs wherever possible. One potential area for savings is your employee benefits program, but cutting costs does not have to mean cutting coverage. In fact, there are many ways to reduce your costs within your employee benefits plan without negatively affecting your coverage. Join the experts from People Corporation as they outline the latest trends in employee benefits and answer your questions live.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace Workshop

Having a diverse and inclusive culture is one of the goals of organizations today. It has been considered one of the factors that help drive innovation and performance. By capitalizing on the diverse skills, background and experiences of its workforce, organizations can start unlocking its potentials. This 3-hour workshop is a step toward helping organizations and its employees learn the skills and behaviours that will foster an inclusive culture.

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Producing the Record of Employment During an Economic Crisis

The high volume of ROEs issued as a result of COVID-19 has left many payroll professionals second guessing themselves and asking questions such as when are we required to issue the ROE? What reason codes should we be using when issuing the ROE? When is it necessary to amend the ROE? Join subject matter experts from the Canadian Payroll Association, Service Canada and special guest, Judith Andrew, Commissioner for Employers, Canada Employment Insurance Commission.

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Navigating Employment Law, HR, and Payroll Issues During a Pandemic - Archived Webinar

Employers are all experiencing the same uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand you have many questions and concerns related to your role, and we are here to support you during this unprecedented time. To assist with this situation, we are offering a one-of-a-kind webinar that features insights from leading experts in Payroll, HR, and Employment Law. Please join us as we partner with MaxPeople and Rodney Employment Law in a panel discussion and live question and answer session.

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Statutory Holidays: Ensuring Compliance - Archived Webinar

Payroll practitioners have a huge responsibility in transforming legislation into organizational policy. This can be a challenge since there are so many aspects of employment and labour standards legislation and regulation. This webinar will cover the federal, provincial and territorial legislation related to statutory holidays for all jurisdictions across Canada.

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Jours fériés : Être conforme

Les spécialistes de la paie ont l'énorme responsabilité de faire en sorte de transformer les lois en politiques organisationnelles. C'est tout un défi, car les dispositions législatives et réglementaires qui encadrent les normes d'emploi et du travail sont multiples et variées. Ce webinaire porte sur la législation fédérale, provinciale et territoriale relative aux jours fériés pour tous les territoires de compétence du Canada.

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Best Practices for your Group Retirement Plan - Archived Webinar

When times were good and everyone was steadily making gains inside their pensions, employees were generally content about your Group Retirement Program. But what about now when employees see their investments have lost 20% to 30% of their value and more? Prepare yourself now for the upcoming deluge of questions and concerns about your group retirement program.

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Correcting Payroll Errors and Repayment of Salary or Wages - Archived Webinar

Most payroll practitioners have, at one time or another, had to deal with a payroll error or have been tasked with recovering a repayment of salary or wages. This informative webinar will provide you with the most recent legislative changes and assist you and your organization in implementing payroll best practices regarding the administrative requirements under the most common situations employers may encounter.

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