Fudging the Figures: Protecting Against Payroll Fraud

PRESENTED DIRECT-TO-YOUR-DESKTOP by The Canadian Payroll Association with Forensic Accountant, Edward Nagel of nagel + associates

Let’s face it. Most organizations will have to address issues related to fraud at some point. Given that prevention—rather than detection—is the best deterrent against fraud, this session led by a seasoned forensic accountant will explore the profile of a typical fraudster, what drives people to commit fraud, types of payroll fraud, recent trends and best practices in fraud prevention, detection and investigation.

This practical session will explore how typical accounting and payroll records could be manipulated and what are the indicators that should alert staff and management. Go “behind-the-scenes” of a typical forensic investigation, review the key steps involved and learn what can be uncovered.

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This webinar is designed for Payroll and  Human Resources professionals and Finance/Accounting staff who are directly or  indirectly involved in the payroll process. Employers with data security and  risk management at top of mind will also benefit from this informative session.

Consider the employee  who consistently works late, refuses to take vacation, yet is unwilling to seek  assistance from colleagues when clearly overworked. Now throw into the mix a  lifestyle that appears to exceed the employee’s known sources of income or  personal financial difficulties. These may be telltale signs or indicators that  could prompt an organization to dive deeper.

You Will:

  • Learn how  typical accounting and payroll records are susceptible to manipulation;
  • Identify indicators  of fraud to alert staff and management;
  • Understand  the profile and drivers of potential fraudsters;
  • Review the  typical steps of a fraud investigation; and
  • Address  current risk management trends and the best practices in fraud prevention,  detection and investigation.

This webinar will be facilitated by  Payroll Compliance Advisors from the Compliance Services and Programs  department at the Canadian Payroll Association. This informative 90 minute webinar will include a 60 minute  presentation and a 30 minute session to answer pre-submitted  questions.

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DURÉE: 90 Mins